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For the love of ITALY!!!!!

Romentino, Piemonte

posted about 5 years ago



My most important Desire in life is to be able to move to Italy and live the rest of my life there. I love everything about Italy, I think the country is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, the history, the music, the food, the art.
It's amazing. I want so badly to live there. I worked there for a short time, but ever since I cannot get this amazing place out of my head. The people are so friendly, the food is amazing, and scrumptous, and the atmosphere takes your breath away.
That is what I desire most in life.
Besides world peace.......



Denise Tardivel, Sono una creativa a 360° :-) wrote:

there are some website for "au pair", I saw it a long time ago for a friend of mine, maybe you can find some nice families that can give you a job.... :-D I would love to live iin the USA, if we just could swap lifes!! :-D

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Kathryn (Katie) Bresser wrote:

Oh I would swap with you in a minute. I would do it happily. I wish we could do that. I would love nothing more than to be in Italy. I worked there once and fell in love with your country..I have looked at so many aupair and nanny sites. I cannot find anything. Probably because I am more mature and no longer a teen. I am also a housekeeper a very good one. I love to cook, and I have worked for ten years as a Senior Caregiver to the elderly who cannot care for themselves BUT my only dream is to be able to live in ITaly. I will not be truly happy until this happens. I am so happy to hear from you. I would really like to keep in touch if you like.

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